101 Scriptures About Using The Name Of God

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Yeshuan.Net is committed to restoring the Scriptural NAME of God, and the use of God’s NAME among real, true believers who desire to follow the Scripture Only.

ALL honor, glory, and praise is offered to:

YaHWeY ( יהוה ), God the Father, our Creator.

Yeshua ( ישוע ), God the Son, our Savior, Deliverer, Rescuer, and soon coming, King!

Ruach ( רוח ), God the Spirit, our friend, instructor, and guide who lives within us. Also referred to as Ruach ha-Kodesh ( רוח יהוה ), God the Holy Spirit, and as Ruach YaHWeH ( רוח יהוה ), God the Spirit of YaHWeH.

Not My Way, but YaHWeH!

Yeshua said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father [YaHWeH], but by me [Yeshua].John 14:6

Hebrew Names & Messianic Religions

NOTICE: (read prayerfully!) Some people try to convince us that the Scripture, the Word of God, is “wrong” because their religion taught them some “doctrine” made up by their human leaders. Others have said it is “wrong” for us to force people to use the Hebrew language only, to use Hebrew names (like the Hebrew for John, James, Mary, Joseph, or Jerusalem), or “wrong” to force people to follow Jewish customs, laws, or religion. There are Hebrew Bibles. There is a Hebrew Names Bible (written in English), and there are Messianic religions that follow Jewish customs and religious practices (to a greater or lesser extent).

We Yeshuans follow none of that! We seek to only understand and obey the Original Scripture of God.

Adonai – My Master

Some fifty years ago I repented of doing things my way and made the Lord my Master [Adonai אֲדֹנָי, lit. “My Lords” or “My Master”]. Almost immediately my thoughts were confronted by these three scriptures…

1 “If my people, who are called by my NAME…” (2 Chronicles 7:14) What is the name of God? What is the name you are called by?

If we don’t know the exact name of God, how can we be called by


2 “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other NAME under heaven given among men, by which we MUST be saved.” (Acts 4:12) It seems super important to know both the Name of God and the Name “by which we MUST be saved.”


3 “Therefore God also has highly exalted him, and given him a NAME which is above every name.” (Philippians 2:9) These two names seemed to be very important to God, and as his disciple, they should be important to me too! This question is on the salvation test! The answer is in the book!

A Disciple of YESHUA!

Giovanni – My Italian Friend

In my many years of travel to dozens of countries, I have learned the importance of one’s name. For example, I had a friend who immigrated to America from Italy where his parents had given him the name Giovanni. Giovanni is a male Italian given name. It is the Italian equivalent of John. When he came to America, what do you think he used for his name? Giovanni! People don’t change their name just because they change their language or country.

Maria – My Beautiful Wife

My late wife was a beautiful Filipina who grew into adulthood in the Philippines. At birth, her parents named her Maria (Filipino/Spanish), just like about half the girls in the Philippines at that time. After we married, she migrated to America and became a US Citizen. Do you know what name people called her and what was printed on her driver’s license and American passport? Mary (English)? Marie (French)? Madonna (Italian)? Māla (Hawaiian)? Of course not! Her NAME was Maria! Her grave marker says Maria, carved in stone!

George or Fred?

Tap on the shoulder of a man named George and address him directly as “Fred” and the first thing he is going to do is tell you his name is NOT Fred! How about you, is your name George or Fred? Names Matter!

YaHWeH’s Only Begotten Son, Yeshua!

Wouldn’t it matter even more if God told you HIS NAME is YaHWeH and he specifically named HIS Son Yeshua, the name above all others? That is what the original scripture states!

Jesu, Iesous, George, or Fred?

Some will say that Jesu, Iesous, Fred, George, and Yeshua are all the same and it does not matter! Start talking about Ringo, the only begotten son of God, and you may start an argument! George, Jesu, Fred, John, Paul, George, or Ringo, what’s the difference if you mean God’s son? Peter, Paul, or Mary are not good enough compared to the ONLY NAME, Yeshua!

Over 6,800 times God had his name YaHWeH written in the scriptures? David is one of the most popular names on earth, but it is not in the scriptures anywhere near the number of times YaHWeH is there.

What was your Angel’s Name?

YaHWeH, God the Father, thought the birth of his son was so important he sent an angel to announce the name he had given him. I’m not sure about you, but when I was born, no angel announced my name! This was not just some recruit, flunky, or angel with the rank of private! Although that would have been impressive at my birth! This angel was like a Ten Star General Angel. In charge of the army of God. This was Gabriel! More than once God sent such a powerful angel to announce Yeshua was the name he gave his son, and even explaining the Hebrew meaning of Yeshua! The savior’s name must be important!

What Do You Pay An Angel?

As a person with a ministry, I had often said, “If any of my kids are born on Sunday, I will bring them to our fellowship the day they are born, and have them dedicated to the Lord, before the congregation when they are just hours old!” Be careful of what you say, you may be called to task because of your words. I was! On Sunday morning my son David was born, David means Beloved in Hebrew. That afternoon, we drove 160Km to the fellowship we had attended before we moved. We arrived just before evening service. David was less than seven hours old when he was dedicated to the Lord, our friends were so happy to be with us. A thought did pass my mind, wouldn’t it be neat if an angel announced David’s birth? But what would you pay an angel? The NAME Yeshua is so super special!

Yosef’s Repair Shop

Just down the street from my house in America was a little shop called “Yosef’s Repair Shop”. I overheard one customer ask, “Why didn’t you name your shop “Joseph’s Repair Shop?” He was obviously pondering the Hebrew vs. English on the sign of a repair shop in California. The owner smiled and simply answered (in perfect English I might add), “Because my name is Yosef!”

6,800 Times I Told You My Name!

Over 6,800 times the Old Testament, in its original language, states the true name of God is YHWY ( יהוה ), and thanks to a great many people who wrote the sound of this name in many other languages, we know it is pronounced YaHWeH!

Yeshua and YahWeH

Likewise, we know that YaHWeH, God the Father, named his only begotten Son Yeshua. The sound of this name is also confirmed by a great multitude of people writing the sound in many languages before the 4th century! Likewise, it was taught among the Disciples of Yeshua. For a few hundred years, Disciples were taught to say the Hebrew name Yeshua and YaHWeH. Even to pray in the name Yeshua. Even though the name Yeshua was often hard for non-Hebrew speakers to pronounce. Non-believers described “YaHWeH” and “Yeshua” as “magic words” of great power and authority!

Seeking my Father God and my Saviour!

With this knowledge, I started looking for Scripture verses to direct me to what name I should call my Father God and my Saviour, His Son. If you search you will find over 7,000. Below I have listed a “Short List” of over 100 verses that will make it obvious God wants you to use his name YaHWeH, and that he has placed his Son’s name, Yeshua, above all other names.

I am a Yeshuan

This being my seventh decade of speaking, reading, and writing English, I have gotten pretty good at it. For example, English adopted Latin suffixes like -ian meaning “a follower or disciple of”. This suffix is shortened to -an if the ending of the root word is a vowel. It is further shortened to -n if the ending of the root word is an a. For example Yeshua! Following these English suffix rules, a Disciple of Yeshua is a Yeshuan!

Not My Way
But Your Way

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