Resurrection Sunday is Our Living Hope!

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Living Hope!

The great gift of “Resurrection Sunday”~ is our Living Hope!
The resurrection of JESUS from the dead is GOD’s ultimate triumph ~ His unfailing love, His loving kindness, His tender mercies, His unconditional forgiveness, His compassionate grace ~ that no one can deny and nothing can equal!
Good Friday proclaims ~ they nailed TRUTH on the cross, they put TRUTH is a grave, they sealed TRUTH in a tomb ~ but the TRUTH will did not stay there ~ because the Truth rose from the dead ~ on Resurrection Sunday!
The Truth is a Person!
JESUS is alive!
JESUS said, “I am the Truth!”
(John 14:6)
Against the TRUTH ~ there is no defense!
I am forgiven, I am saved and I am redeemed because my Living Hope ~ JESUS ~ is alive!

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